Camelion Plus Alkaline Batteries are featured with better power performance, longer endureance, excellent value and class-leading safety. With high energy formula optimizing the power reaction, these batteries are engineered to deliver dependable and long-lasting power. The Anti-leakage technology protects your devices while delivering sustained power in high-drain applications such as remote controls, toys, smart locks, smart sensors, music players, boomboxes, electronic gaming devices and so on.

Salers International is your online source for purchasing alkaline batteries. Our batteries are high quality and affordable. We have a vast selection of batteries for your needs, including batteries for toys, cameras, flashlights, and much more.

Salers International offers the best alkaline battery products in the Pakistan market. Their batteries are long-lasting and are very reliable. They are also very budget-friendly.

You can rely on this brand of batteries for quality and reliability. They will provide you with years of trouble-free service and stand up to the most demanding applications.

If you buy your batteries in bulk, you can save on this cost. Bulk packs of AA, AAA, C and D sizes are available.

Alkaline batteries are a type of power cell dependent upon the reaction between zinc and manganese dioxide (Zn/MnO2)

Camelion Plus Alkaline batteries are an economical choice for all your high drain devices! These batteries offer long life for dependable performance.

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